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Tank restoration

Every free standing tank is exposed to environmental influences, which after a long working life can lead to damage of the plastic sealing on the outer tank cladding. Furthermore, procedural thermal strains put pressure on the rivet- and bolted connections of the body shell. The consequences of the above mentioned actions causes rainwater to enter the insulation, whereby a leakage in the roof area is at a very vulnerable point. Absent or faulty vapour retarders can cause accumulation of condense water in the insulation, which reduces the insulation effect even more.

As part of our service, we, at Batimat, analyse the actual condition and provide an adequate, individual restoration recommendation. On request we will consult the FIW (Forschungsinstitut für Wärmeschutz), Munich. All services can be offered as main contractor services at the wish of the customer.

In order to achieve the longest possible life span of the insulation, we recommend constructing the upper tank
floor with a welded stainless steel roof with integrated rain gutter.