The right solution
for every industry.

Special applications

Besides conventional tank insulations the company Batimat also specializes on the insulation and renovation of complex constructions, such as:

Welded stainless steel insulation cladding
For tank roofs, insulation cones and special components

Clean-room Technology
Elements made of stainless steel, welded and grinded including cooling, electrical equipment and control technology

Metal boxes and panels
Welded pre-fabricated insulation for cladding und insulation of plastic foil machines and paper production machines

Noise protection cladding and housing / sound absorbers
Metal elements for sound absorbers, ventilators and motors.

Special building components
Pipe- and plate heat exchanger, facade cladding elements for building construction, metal design parts created by us or the design suggestions required by our customers, aluminium wellness elements, insulating container.

Insulating form parts
Made out of all desired insulating material foamed, CNC cut and milled elements.

Surface Formation/Insulation thickness
All of our company finished building components can be produced and delivered in various materials (e.g. stainless steel, aluminium, aluminium-zinc sheets, zinc coated sheets etc.), surfaces (coated and lacquered sheets, brushed finished, grinded, embossed etc) and with optimum insulting strengths required.

Spraying insulation/ injection insulation ?
Polyurethane and cork injection insulation as well as injection insulation made from mineral wool

Polyurethane sandwich elements
Curved shaped sandwich elements with PUR foamed core.

Dry-ice and sand blasting, trapezoidal sheet profiling, production and the pressing of PU-moulded parts, Nano coating

Special Insulations with statical requirements