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Industrial services

Through our special cleaning process we can clean production facilities while in process. This saves time, increases the durability of the equipment and ensures quality standards (e.g. food industry – HACCP standard requirements).

Dry ice blasting

Dry ice blasting is a compressed-air method in which the abrasive solid carbon dioxide (dry ice) is used for cleaning surfaces. Unlike other surface-jet methods (for example, sandblasting), even the most sensitive components like wood can be worked on. With dry ice blasting, any type of soiling such as fats, resins, release agents, lubricants, paints, rubber, oil, silicones, adhesives, tar and more can be safely cleaned.


• Environmentally friendly cleaning and clean exhaust air
• For smooth damage-free cleaning, also of sensitive structures
• No scratches on the cleaned surface
• No residue except the detached pollution
• No disposal of blasting abrasives and support material needed
• No occurrence of dampness or wet dirt
• reduced bacterial growth by dry ice blasting / germicidal effect
• Cleaning during process flow and in the fitted state possible


• Building reparation, cleaning and restoration
• Cleaning of manufacturing and production facilities of all kinds
• Fire damage restoration

Wet sand blasting

For wet sand blasting water sand is filled into a kettle. The mixture is ejected with compressed air onto the surface to be cleaned. The advantages of wet sand blasting to dry sandblasting are evident:


• The dust development
• The abrasive can be dry or wet/moist
• The effect is enhanced because each grain is surrounded by a water jacket. Thus, the mass of the abrasive and its effectiveness is increased.


• Facade cleaning,
• paint removal
• Rust removal

Soda Blasting

Soda blasting is a compressed air procedure, wherein the sodium is used as the blasting medium for the cleaning of surfaces. Unlike other surface-jet methods (for example, sand blasting, the most sensitive components such as wood or aluminium can be treated, because the soda is much softer than sand.
Using Soda blasting is a gentle and safe way of cleaning soiling such as greases, adhesives, oil and more,


• Gentle cleaning of sensitive structures
• Effective, even at very low pressure
• Reduces rust susceptibility
• Neutralizes odours
• Non-toxic